Our Partners

Equis Capital Finance has developed working relationships with key lenders, including Banks, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Credit Unions, Trust Companies, and Private Lenders. Our qualified funders will help cut through the red tape and obtain financing at competitive rates for those projects that qualify.

Construction Finance Group

Construction finance requires the specialized services found in Equis Capital Finance's Construction Finance Group. Regardless of the type of project, whether a new construction or a redevelopment, we have ability in developing the best solution, regardless of size, scope, and location. Our construction loan products are unique, with features that include non-recourse, high loan-to-cost ratios, and excellent relationships with large money centers.

Private Capital Group

Equis Capital Finance focuses on servicing the non-bank financing sector for those borrowers with projects that have been shut out of the more traditional credit markets. Our private capital pools can fund acquisitions, renovations, and equity take-outs for projects that do not qualify for bank financing. Our products include first as well a second position loans, with funding capabilities ranging from $500,000 up to $50,000,000 and greater. Most institutional lenders in Canada have a tendency toward conservative investment and thus will reject many otherwise viable projects. Our US and Canadian private capital corporate partners can provide a wide range of choice for bridge and construction loans to mid-term capital financing with greater tolerance for higher risk over institutional lenders.

Small Loan Group

Equis Capital Finance maintains a broad selection of small loan alternatives, supported by a large investment in our loan processing infrastructure.

Portfolio Lender Group

Equis has developed strong portfolio lender relationships. These lenders provide a streamlined process with the more flexible prepayment options required by many borrowers. Equis has invested years in establishing strong relationships with multiple commercial banks and life insurance companies, maximizing the options and resources we can offer our clients.

Large Loan Group

Succeeding on a large scale takes expertise and strategic connections to the right resources. Equis Capital Finance is dedicated to working with key sources. The large loan group typically takes the lead in placing all of the transactions in excess of $50 million.