Media Financing

Media Financing

Equis Capital Finance provides the media and entertainment industries with specialised production financing services.

Our primary focus is on providing borrowers in the film and television production industries with tailored interim production financing.

We can provide our clients with true, unbiased, and trusted service, as well as the most recent industry loan structuring trends, and appropriate finance strategies for their film and television productions because we are an independently owned firm.

Our clients include a large variety of independent film and television producers to whom we provide interim production financing. With our financing contacts and partnerships, the ability to provide interim production loans secured against Canadian and US tax credits, distribution, and broadcast licenses as well as other forms of reliable collateral make us a key partner for film and television productions.

Equis Capital Finance provides flexible financing options for media projects, businesses, and producers.

Our Services:

  • Working Capital
  • Gap Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • Sales Receivables
  • Tax Credit
  • Other services on a case by case