Business Finance

Business Finance

For the past twenty years, Equis Capital Finance has been providing investment banking/consulting services to small to mid-size businesses seeking liquidity and growth solutions; coordinates access to capital thru traditional banking or under asset-based lending and/or subordinated debt/mezzanine debt financing; working capital solutions including financing of inventory, purchase orders, L/C’s, A/R, fixed assets, and real estate.

With ever-changing capital market conditions, it is imperative that companies who are considering a major corporate transaction or capital raising initiative have access to the most current financing options and alternatives to make informed decisions.

Equis Capital Finance provides financing advisory and facilitation services to companies in all business stages from financially challenged to progressive growth companies across all industry sectors.

Equis Capital, has experience in organizing business financing services like lending business loans and working capital for start-up businesses with expansion projects. We proudly support Canadian, US and international businesses, providing financing solutions such as:

✓ Senior Debt
✓ Subordinated Debt
✓ Convertible Debt
✓ Bridge Loans
✓ Development Financing
✓ Project Financing
✓ Trade Financing
✓ Royalty Financing

✓ Equity Financing

✓ Debt and Equity