Equity Financing

Equity Financing

The sale of company shares to raise capital is referred to as equity financing.

When investors buy shares, they are also buying ownership rights in the company.

Equity financing can refer to the sale of any equity instrument, including common stock, preferred stock, share warrants, and so on.

Equis Capital Finance assists companies to obtain equity capital with flexible investment structures tailored to their needs, including common equity, preferred equity, and convertible debt.

Investments from $10 million in equity per platform

Typically seeking companies with revenues of $10 million and higher

Industries Environmental Services, Niche Manufacturing, Business Services, Automotive, Building Products and Materials, Chemicals, Consumer and Food, Distribution and Logistics, Healthcare Equipment and Supplies, Energy Services and Equipment, Industrial Products and Capital Goods, Metals and Mining, Paper and Packaging.

Transactions: Buyouts, Recapitalizations, Restructuring, Going Privates, Corporate Carve-outs, Joint Ventures, Growth Capital, Bankruptcies.