Online Privacy Policy

Online Privacy Policy

General Statement
At Equis Capital Finance, we recognize and value your privacy and are committed to protecting the confidentiality of both your business’ and your personal information.

You can browse our site without identifying yourself or revealing any commercial or personal information. If you choose to contact us via one of our contact forms, your information will be used solely for the purpose it was intended – to contact you. If you choose to apply for financing through our site, the information you provide will be used to evaluate your application, contact you, provide you with periodic updates, secure credit approval(s) and complete the financing process. We do not collect any commercial or personal data without your consent,( your consent can be express, implied, or given through an authorized representative), and we only share collected information with those of our own loan officers who “need to know” this information, or with those third party organizations, such as Credit Bureaus, or financial institutions who require this information in order to approve your credit. When you submit your credit application to us, you provide us with your consent to share this information as described in this policy.

Equis Capital Finance’s Privacy Principles
Equis Capital Finance believes strongly in the protection of our customer’s privacy and we are committed to ensuring that your commercial and personal information is appropriately safeguarded. To this end, we have adopted the following privacy principles:

  • We respect all of our customers rights of privacy.
  • We collect and use only the information needed for legitimate business uses.
  • We will not disclose identifiable commercial or business information to any third parties unless there is an appropriate legal or business justification to do so.
  • If we contract with any other entity to perform services which require that we share your information (for example, credit reporting agencies or our underwriters) we require that entity to maintain the confidentiality of your information.
  • We employ security measures that guard access to and disclosure of customer information.

Collection and Use of Customer Information
We collect, retain and use information about you only where we believe that such information is required to help us provide financing or other services to you. We use such information to secure credit approvals, make financing and other offerings to you, provide you with status updates, comply with various laws and regulations, help us to design, improve and promote our various services, and understand your needs so that we may provide you with excellent products and services.

If you access our services through one of our business partners’ websites, we may share very limited information, such as your company name, contact name and contact information with that business partner. If you have accessed our website through the website of a third party, please check the privacy, security and legal policies of that third party to see how they might use this information. If you access our services through one of our business partners’ websites for the purpose of securing financing, we may share information with that partner regarding the type and amount of financing for which you applied or were approved.

Any information that you supply to us in the application process will not be modified by us. However, we do use third parties, such as Credit Bureau services, to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and thoroughness of such information.