Our Process

  1. Initial Consultation – The initial consultation may be scheduled either as a meeting in person or by way of a teleconference. This represents our first opportunity to review a loan submission request direct with the client(s) in order to get a first-hand overview of a project, the management team, the existing financial situation and the projected strategy. The consultation thus provides as a first opportunity to establish the levels of potential for the success of any given project or endeavor.
  2. Designation of Source(s) – The loan request is then reviewed and discussed with the designated appropriate capital sources.
  3. Proposal – With confirmation to the viability of a successful financing a written proposal will be generated outlining the services we can offer and the related costs and based upon initial interest as expressed by the designated capital sources.
  4. Engagement – With the acceptance of the proposal by the Client a cover letter and formal letter of engagement will be produced that clearly outlines the terms and conditions of our mutual working relationship with the Client.
  5. Preparation – Formal submission packages will then be prepared according to the specific preferences of each of the pre-designated capital sources. During this phase of the financing we may recommend enhancements to the existing approach or the financial model in order to further develop the presentation in order to significantly improve the likelihood of a successful financing.
  6. Introduction to Source(s) – In some instances, upon the request of the lender a meeting or teleconference may be arranged direct with the client.
  7. Presentation of Loan Package – A complete financial package is submitted and a funding structure is determined.
  8. Term Sheet – With the issuance of a term sheet mutually agreeable terms and conditions are negotiated.
  9. Commitment – Upon the issuance of a firm commitment the transaction is near completion.
  10. Closing – The transaction is closed with a date of a draw of funds determined.