Independent brokers are a minor yet important component of our business. Over the years we have developed an exclusive group of brokers who work with us on a consistent basis. Equis Capital Finance welcomes building new relationships with mortgage brokers and loan intermediaries. Our process is well defined and clearly documented allowing those acting in the capacity as brokers to provide a valuable service to their client.

Submission Procedure:

  1. In rder to apply for the submission of a project please complete the online Loan Application in our website in its entirety. This form will automatically forward to our underwriting staff. All required supporting documents can then be sent by email to Please identify each attachment by project name and by document description.
  2. Within two (2) business days our underwriting support staff will work directly with the broker to review the loan request and complete the preliminary analysis to determine the feasibility of funding. Once determined to represent a viable submission a Referral Agreement will be prepared for full execution with the Broker.
  3. Within one (1) business day after the completion of the initial loan request analysis, a telephone conference will be scheduled with the broker, borrower(s) and ECF’s senior underwriter to review ECF’s scope of services, underwriting and due diligence process. Following the teleconference, ECF will provide the borrower with an agreement that describes the scope of services and the terms and conditions of engagement.
  4. ECF will immediately begin its loan underwriting process upon receipt of the executed scope of services and engagement agreement.

Standard Policy with Intermediaries: (Please read carefully)

  • As a long established appointed finance originator, Equis Capital Finance has direct capability to structure, and/or originate corporate structured financed investment loans from $1million to $500 million.
  • Our procedures have been developed, streamlined and refined to a very specific way of doing business from the initial submission to a final closing. It is therefore mandatory for us to receive either a completed project submission online Loan Application form or a brief executive summary in order to initiate the process. The online application form enables our making an expedient decision in determining our levels of interest in any given endeavor. Please kindly refrain from sending information other than the aforementioned and proceed with completing the online application form or submitting to us a brief executive summary.
  • Once a working relationship has been clearly documented and with confirmation to your having been contracted by the client we will proceed to communicate directly with the client. Neither Equis Capital Finance nor our direct finance associates will outsource the negotiation of financing proposals to intermediaries.
  • Intermediaries are not authorized to represent or speak on behalf of our direct financing associates nor on behalf of Equis Capital Finance. Intermediaries are further prohibited from interpreting our policies, making commitments or statements to the client and/or entity on our behalf.
  • The intermediary is not considered a partner, consultant, advisor or representative of our company.
  • The submission of a project and/or a financing request by an intermediary is itself acknowledgement and acceptance of our policies as herein represented in the web-site.
  • Documents and informational materials sent to our underwriting department will be returned only in cases where the return costs are at the responsibility of the intermediary or the client.
  • Our policy with regards to NC-NDA’s is herein publicly published and consequently becomes legally binding. Upon the submission of a finance application inquiry you will receive copies of all communications and be invited to all or some relevant conference calls between our representatives and the client.. Your contract with your client should contain an enforceable non-circumvention / non-disclosure clause in order to ensure the security of all proprietary information. We value our relationships with our network of intermediaries and thereby extend our assurance of honouring the industry standard of non-circumvention / non-disclosure protocols. We hereby publicly agree and ensure our guarantee never to bypass or circumvent any intermediary during any phase of the financing process from start to closing. Finally, in the event of any lack of trust between you and any given client we would kindly request that such a file not to be submitted to Equis Capital Finance.