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Equis Capital Finance offers a wide array of financial packages ranging from Project Equity, Mezzanine Debt, Credit Enhancements and Acquisition Loans to Raw Land Financing and Hard Money Loans. The company's ability to apply two or more programs to a single loan request provides the client the added advantage of custom tailored solutions structured on a case-by-case basis.

Acquisition Loan:
A loan for the purposes of acquiring, improving, completing and the ongoing operation of commercial properties.

Acquisition and Development Loan:
A loan for the acquisition and development of real property to an improved state and arranged such that the loan proceeds are dispersed with interest only being payable based on the draw down schedule of funds.

Asset Based Loan:
A loan for any purpose whereby collateral is placed as security to the loan.

Bankruptcy Loan:
A loan referred to as ‘Debtor-in-Possession’ or ‘DIP’ Financing for enabling distressed companies to retain their real property assets until either institutional financing becomes available or the assets are sold.

Bridge Loan:
A short-term multipurpose loan pending the arrangement of larger or longer-term financing or in cases of enabling investors to take advantage of acquisitions or business opportunities in time-sensitive situations.

Construction Loan:
A loan used for construction purposes or other improvements of real property, whereas the land and improvement value are used as collateral to the loan, with funds being dispersed according to the construction schedule of requirements.

Private / Hard Money Loan:
A loan of funds for development or repositioning projects or for meeting various immediate ‘hard money’ requests.

Mezzanine Loan:
A loan that is subordinate to a Primary Lender and becomes debt that is payable either at a designated time of sale or upon a refinancing, which is then converted to an equity position for the lender, in cases of providing additional funding when first mortgages have reached their maximum loan amount.

Project Equity [Investment / Loan]:
Investment of funds for a designated share of a project or development with qualified developers and operators when there is significant opportunity for value and/or cash flow enhancement.

Raw Land Loan:
A loan that is used for acquiring and holding for either development purposes or eventual sale at a profit and may apply to single lots or greater acreage and sometimes is referred to as Land Banking.

$24,000,000 Construction Loan,
Business Centre - Calgary, Albert
$18,000,000 Start-up Finance
Vineyard & Winery - BC, Canada
$12,500,000 Acquisition
Land - New York, USA
$1,000,000 Working Capital
Industrial - Toronto, Ontario
Equis Capital Finance
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HSBC Tower, Liberty Square
Markham, ON.
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Tel: (905) 305-7804
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eMail: info@equisfinance.com
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